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Brian's Newsletter - 13th November 2020

Hi Everyone

1 week into the lockdown and we are all dealing with it in different ways. Bit surreal not being around the club every day. Not as much subject matter from the courts for the newsletter!!!

My days have gone from keeping track of time hour by hour to not really noticing time. Marvin is enjoying more male bonding time & the daily aches and pains of being a tennis coach have reduced quite considerably.

Brian's Newsletter - 5th November 2020

Hi Everyone

Day 1 of lockdown! A bit of an emotional rollercoaster the last few days with the hope that tennis may be able to carry on and then dashed with the announcement that all courts and clubs will be closed.

Despite all our different views and opinions, we just need to get on with it and cope as best we can. We can look forward to the day the courts open again.

Chairman's Update - 3rd November 2020

Dear Members,

This time last week I was remarking on how lovely it had been to hear the jolly sounds of Brian’s junior tennis camps. What a pity that the weather and other conditions deteriorated over the half term.

I know that you will all have been following the news and hoping that things might not be as dire as they were in March. I have left writing to you until the measures that are being put in place have been agreed by Parliament.

Squash Update - 8th September 2020

Hi All

You will be aware that the England Squash guidelines changed recently to allow bubbles of six players to play full-court matches, with some additional hygiene measures required.

If you would like to form your own bubble, please email me with the names of all of the players in your group to fulfil the track and trace requirements. Players are able to change bubbles but must take a 7 day break between playing with their original bubble amd getting on court with a new bubble. Players MUST inform Jeremy before resuming play.

Chairman's Update - 2nd September 2020

Dear Member

I find it hard to believe that it is September already, what a lot of changes and upheaval we have all been through already this year! I should like to thank you all for your support and patience whilst we have muddled our way through the ever changing guidelines.

The various committees have become adept at Zoom meetings, chairmen have been quick to let you know of lessening of restrictions and it has been lovely to hear the sound of squash being played at last.

Squash Chairman's Newsletter 31st July - SQUASH IS BACK!

Dear Member

After a long wait, it's time to get back on court. Thanks for bearing with us while the preparations have been put in place.

So before we all charge back on court, it's important to read, understand and follow the guidelines below. The aim is to significantly minimise the risk of infection from Covid-19 while still having the benefit of a game of squash or racketball.

Attached is also the England Squash recommendations for how to play until the restrictions can be lifted further.

So have a good read and enjoy getting back to squash safely.

Chairman's Update re Squash - 29th July

Dear Member

As I am sure you are all aware the latest guidelines allow us to reintroduce the playing of Squash to the club.  This is very welcome news and I am sure that the squash players are looking forward to picking up their rackets again.

England Squash have produced guidelines for us, as clubs, to follow not dissimilar to those produced by the LTA.  We have delayed opening the courts until Monday 3rd August so as to allow sufficient time to get in the necessary supplies and allow the builders to finish the bulk of the work associated with the ladies’s changing rooms.