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Tennis Box League

Singles and Mixed Doubles Boxes

Hi Everyone
Fancy playing some Tennis Singles or Mixed Doubles in a box league (everybody plays everybody else in the box)?
Mixed Doubles Boxes will comprise 6 couples of hopefully similar-ish levels of ability - 5 matches to play.  All boxes to be completed by the end of October prior to the start of this year's Grace Tournament. If you are interested, email me - ideally with a named partner, if not, I may be able to pair you up!

And the next season of Singels Boxes Leagues is about to start - if you would like to play competitive singles tennis, why not join in.  Five people per box - so you will need to play four matches in seven weeks.... if you can't fit that in, it may not be for you, but if you can, it is great fun - so email me directly right away!
Best regards
Mob 07944 575970