Squash Chairman's Newsletter 12th May

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all keeping safe in these strange times, and are keeping yourself entertained so you don’t lose sanity!

I have had many questions from members about when the courts can be reopened, and to be completely honest, we are still not sure. Unfortunately it looks as though we may be one of the last sports to be able to start again. England squash are doing regular updates on their website which we are constantly following which I will put a link to at the end of this email for anyone who may want to follow. I have spoken to other local clubs about what their plan may be and they have all said they are not even considering it yet. This is mainly because it is such a close proximity sport. I would like to think we may be able to be back playing each other for the winter season, or maybe before for solo practice or playing with family members, but that is just my hopes.

My best advice is to keep fit, and practise at home against a flat wall to try and keep your eye in, and get an advantage over your opponent when you're back, who said ‘what’s the point in that’. You never know....it could be what you need to win the club champs next year!

On the bright side, when we go back to playing we will have lovely new glass balustrades for courts A and B, so no more banging your hands against them!

We have a great community within our squash section so please hang tight and hopefully we will get back to playing and drinking the bar dry in no time!

If anybody has any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I will update you all as soon as I have any more news.


Stay Safe

Ross Glide
Squash Chairman