Sharewear - Please Donate Clothing


Good morning all,

Some of you will remember that earlier in the year the club supported an initiative operating in the north of the country called Sharewear. Sharewear set out to provide people in serious financial difficulty with suitable clothes to participate in some sort of physical exercise: running, fitness or even just walking. The importance of outdoor exercise is stressed again and again as a necessity for physical and mental health and it is disturbing that in this country there are people whose income just doesn’t run to clothes/shoes for these activities, as well as the usual everyday kit.

We had for some years been sending unclaimed lost property left at the club to Syria, but a combination of the pandemic, Brexit and the resulting transport difficulties have rendered this practice rather too complicated, so we switched to Sharewear.

In May we sent a carload of really useful clothing for men, women and children to the charity. Some of the offerings strayed somewhat from the sporting to general everyday clothing. All of it was massively appreciated, and I told the organisers we would have another sweep of the club membership at the end of the summer.

I think we all have clothing stashed away that we never wear, be it too big/small, wrong colour or somehow never quite what we want to put on. In addition, there is always a steady supply of children’s clothing left on court and in the clubhouse, some of it apparently brand new, some of it school uniform and practically none of it named. (Anything named is put aside and an email sent to the parents.) Any clothing left at the club finds its way to the lost property drawers under the noticeboard, and these are regularly checked and after a few weeks, removed, washed and set aside for Sharewear.

Could I ask you all please to have a ‘cupboard audit’ and bring suitable items to the clubhouse over the next month? I am including an excerpt from a Sharewear email that indicates what they need most. As you will see, it isn’t only sports clothing.

Please be aware that all clothing needs to be washed before you bring it, and please no underclothes, unless they are brand new.

There will be bin bags in the boardroom for your contributions from Monday 6th September. For those who aren’t aware of the boardroom, you will find it through the kitchen.

"We most urgently need the following items:- men's trousers of all sorts particularly in size 28, 30 and 32 inch waist; teenage clothing; men's and women's trainers; jogging bottoms male and unisex, and women's plain everyday leggings; new adult pants and modern coats that adults in their 20's and 30's would want to wear.

We take all clothing, not just sportswear, and both sexes. We are also in great need of children’s clothes aged 10-16 at the moment too. We take clothes which are not brand new/as new. They need to be of a standard that we would be happy to wear ourselves or see a member of our family in."

Thank you so much.
Jo Heal