Brian's Newsletter - 3rd February

Brian Love

Brian's Newsletter.....  

Hi Everyone
How has your week been going? Hopefully better than mine! Leg injury affecting hip and hamstring. No biking, only dog walking. Lucky Marvin again. He is in dreamland through lockdown, probably as most mutts are! After a tough week mentally and motivationally, I gave myself a bit of a shake up and decided to make a to-do list and a much needed diet plan! The challenge is on to lose 23lbs but also to maintain a healthier eating lifestyle. The apps have been downloaded and the calorie counting and interesting food plans are now part of the daily routine.... It's hard work already! When you do see me at the club with a mars bar in my hand feel free to rugby tackle me to the ground and remove it. Or just give me a gentle reminder. I really need the support!!
Hopefully we are getting a bit closer to being allowed back on the tennis courts. Refreshing to see people in Isle of Man hugging again. I wonder who will be my first hug back at the club! Now I need to start creating my top 5 list!
Club News
No club news, but a good letter/message from our chairman Tricia, outlining the challenges the club has with minimal income.... If you are able to renew your membership fees it will be really helpful to the club as it relies on these fees as a major contribution to club costs. 
Cocktail of the Week - (Low calorie!)







Tennis News
Few days until the Australian Open starts. Konta, Evans, Watson, Boulter, Jones, Norrie all flying the flag in the singles events.
All courts at the tournament will feature electronic line calling.
Federer aims to be back for Doha in March.
GB team to play Billie Jean King cup play off match v Mexico at National Tennis Centre in London.
Marvin the Mutt Annoyances of the Week










 I'm Not Annoying!

• After having a good respectful sniff of a local black labrador, he loves to just run up behind it after it has trotted away, and give it a good fright with his bark!
• The very few times he gets to get a moment next to me on the sofa, he loves to lie half on my leg half off. The thing is that his heart beats against my leg.... Very irritating!
• After coming in after a wet walk and having a towel down to dry off, he loves to have a big shake after which releases a whole load more debris and moisture... I now have a stand off with him before we go inside, waiting for him to shake...
• Walking up Reigate Hill he decided to chase another dog's ball that the other dog didn't chase. He didn't like the taste so dropped it straight away but let it roll down towards the steep drop with me watching as I realised it was going to roll over the edge never to be recovered. Another apology to a fellow dog owner on Marvin's behalf!

But I still love him!
Thought of the Week







Thanks to all of you that have given me some destination tips in the UK. They are all going on my places to visit list...
Sad to hear Captain Tom Moore pass away from coronavirus.... 6pm round of applause well deserved.
Sad to hear long standing member Joe Lambe passing away. For me, I always had good fun chats in the club house with Joe. Always random, but always came away more knowledgeable.
Tennis Video of the Week - Best Tweeners (through the legs!) 

Hope you all have a good week and don't forget Married at 1st Sight Australia on E4... Great viewing!







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