Brian's Newsletter - 29th June

Hi Everyone

YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!! Liverpool are Premier League Champions after 30 years. I know it's not tennis but who cares!! There's no 30 years of hurt because we've still been winning some big trophies. How has Klopp done it??? Well his biggest strength is making everyone feel good about themselves and very equally important in the whole organisation from stewards to cleaners to ball boys to players to hierarch. The key to success has been the unity. Food for thought....

Dan Evans beats Kyle Edmund in the final of the Battle of the Brits. Evans beating Murray in the semis. Murray feeling very positive but clearly struggling in longer matches.

Wimbledon should be starting today. BBC have come up with some great matches over the years to show throughout the 2 weeks. Henman v Kafelnikov a highlight today. Pimms should be flowing.....

Fact: When Boris Becker won Wimbledon at age of 17 in 1985, he was 5 t= months younger than the junior boys champion....

Club News

Ladies morning has not officially started for obvious social distancing reasons, but there are players playing on a Tuesday and Friday morning which is being organised by Mary Williams. So if you would like to join in then get in touch with Mary 07733 262652. She's a great organiser!

Maths question for all you numerical freaks... Every Thursday I coach 4 players in a row... a couple of weeks ago I coached 4 left handers in a row. What is the probability of this happening based on the UK % of the population being left handed?????

Only 1 pink hat and 1 drinks bottle left on court this week so that's an improvement! Keep up the standards of tidyness around the club. I heard last week that someone woke up with a horse's head lying next to them. And that was just for leaving an empty tennis ball tin on court!

Singles box leagues are back. well done Dathan for organising. Fresh start for everyone so get your entries in to him asap. Try not to be that player that puts it off and annoyingly asks to be added after the draws have been made.... There's always one... Refer back to the horse's head story!

Don't forget to share any ideas with the committee or hierarchy. Any ridiculous ones will obviously be laughed out of the club!

Motivational Quote of the Week







Hopefully it won't be long until further restrictions are reduced, but I can't help thinking that the restrictions have brought so many positives at the club.

  • More families playing together
  • More players trying singles
  • More players just appreciating playing tennis
  • More players enjoying the freedom to play throughout the day
  • More players investing in improving their game

Cocktail of the Week







Enjoy retro Wimbledon fortnight and have a good week.....








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