Brian's Newsletter - 11th January

Brian Love

Brian's Newsletter.....


Hi Everyone
Only 6 days into lockdown.... Are you bored yet??
Thanks to all the well wishers and messages I received over the weekend. Much appreciated and even an amazing video message from our tennis chairman Henry.  20 years at the club and many great memories... A few dodgy ones too! (They are for the book!)
I have always been proud of our club and from day 1 it has always had such a good family atmosphere. We have been lucky over the years that the club has been run very well and I have been given a lot of freedom and support to be the coach I like to be. Also, a big thanks to all the coaches that have worked at the club have contributed to its success, especially Bert & Claire. It's been very interesting reminiscing through the journey! Anyway, thanks for all the good times & giggles....
As a coach I've always thought it would be fun to coach in the style of Gordon Ramsey:
"Just get your beeping forehand over your beeping beeping shoulder you beeping beep!!"
"Just use that beeping left arm for a bit more beeping balance and beeping turn your beeping shoulders or I'm beeping going to take that beeping racket off you and beeping throw it on the beeping roof"
Some of the more interesting quotes....
" You are running like Gonzo from The Muppets..."
" You move like a hippo...."
" You are playing with spaghetti arms and legs..."
" Just get it over the net!!!"
" Do you do everything in slow motion.....????"
Interesting and challenging times at the moment. If you follow the club on facebook you will have seen a few fun posts which I have posted when I've been out and about on my mtb bike. (Sunset picture taken up Reigate Hill)
Please feel free to send me your pics from lockdown activity with a description and I can post on Facebook/Instagram... Let's try and create some good memories for the club.... Don't be shy... Have some fun!



It's small things now like a "hello" when you are out and about that mean more in your day. When you are doing exercise it is a good time to do your thinking.. My 3 main thoughts the other day on my ride were:

  • Who is your favourite ex?
  • Did tight tennis shorts in the 70s/80s restrict movement?
  • What is Clint Eastwood's best film?

Recipe of the Week - Beer Bread passed on by baking guru Henry Hopper
These cups are American measures:
3 cups self raising flour
1 teaspoon salt
Less than 1/4 cup of sugar - to taste
1 beer 330 ml
1/4 cup melted butter

Preheat the oven to 180 C / gas mark 4.  Aga - baking oven
Mix dry ingredients and add beer
Pour into greased bread pan
Pour melted butter over top
Bake 1 hour
Remove from pan and let cool for at least 15 minutes
Cannot fail!
Thought of the Week









Cocktail of the Week







So on facebook I tried to generate a bit of fun with some carfool chorus Karaoke where you send in a vid of you singing your favourite chorus. I started it off with 500 miles and George Roffey followed up with "Letter from America" which you can hopefully see on the links below. These should inspire you to try yourself or get the kids on it! I will post if you whatsapp me or email your video in. 

Brian's Video

George's Video
Anyway, I hope you are coping ok with lockdown...Sending hugs regardless...
Have a good week and keep in touch..

Brian Love

Head Coach
Dorking Lawn Tennis & Squash Club
07712 557076